Terms and Conditions


Please read these terms and conditions carefully as these conditions incorporate the basis on which bookings for The Jetty, Port Willunga are accepted.

The terms and conditions of The Jetty, Port Willunga accommodation, as agreed to by both parties, are as follows:


Bookings can be made over the internet at www.thejettyportwillunga.com.au or by contacting The Jetty, Port Willunga on enquire@thejettyportwillunga.com.au or (+61) 0447 440 704.

Reservations are subject to availability at the time proceeding with paying a deposit. Reservations are at the discretion of The Jetty, Port Willunga to approve. If a reservation does not meet the preconditions or The Jetty, Port Willunga is uncomfortable with the booking, The Jetty, Port Willunga has the right to decline the booking. Payments will then be cancelled or refunded.

Reservations in the Perkana and Blanche suites may be switched to other by the time of your booking. This is at the discretion of The Jetty, Port Willunga as they are mirror image and of the same value and quality of stay.

Prices for the accommodation are found on the website or made in writing. Any verbal quote given is an only estimate of the actual price.

You agree to pay the rate for each night of your stay and any additional charges up until the time you have departed the accommodation.

The accommodation may be occupied by you and your party only for the period stated on the booking confirmation.

To book accommodation you must be aged 25 years and over. Photo ID may be required. If no photo ID is produced The Jetty, Port Willunga reserves the right to cancel the booking and is under no obligation to refund any payment related to the booking. We will endeavour to provide the accommodation requested but reserve the right to refuse requests for bookings or actual bookings.

The registered guest is by default, the person who has made the booking and agree to take full responsibility for the holiday rental of the property. The registered guest is responsible for ensuring all guests and visitors are aware of the terms and conditions. The registered guest will be held financially responsible for any loss or damage to property caused during their stay.

Only confirmed guests are permitted on the property.

We accept payment by the website, credit card, Paypal or Direct Deposit. By providing credit card details you warrant that you have the authority to use the credit card and you authorize The Jetty, Port Willunga to charge the cost of your booking to the credit card. The card holder must be the primary registered guest.

All prices quoted are in Australian dollars.


Bookings are not confirmed unless and until a deposit of 50% of the booking (including security deposit) is received.

Travel insurance is highly recommended for all bookings to provide protection against cancellation of accommodation, travel, illness, injury and loss of belongings.

Payment of deposit indicates acceptance of the booking Terms & Conditions.


The balance of payment must be received at least 21 days prior to the arrival date.

For bookings made inside 21 days prior to check-in, full payment is required at time of booking.

If deposit or final payment is not received by the due date, The Jetty, Port Willunga, reserves the right to cancel the booking.


A security bond is required for all bookings and varies in price depending on number of apartments you have booked. The bond shall be paid at the same time as the balance amount. The bond is secured and covers cost incurred by you which may include, but is not limited to, breakages, losses and damage including excessive cleaning, evidence of smoking and/or rubbish removal. Tenants will be notified of any costs incurred.

The security bond also acts as a tab for any purchases made during your stay at The Jetty, Port Willunga. This includes but not limited to champagne, wine, beer, extra coffee pods, etc.

If no losses, damage or purchases occur the security bond will be returned in full 3 -7 business days after your departure. If losses, damage or purchases are less than the security bond, the difference will be returned in 3-7 business days after your departure. If losses, damage or purchases are greater than the bond, guests will need to cover the additional cost with further payment.

For longer lengths of stays a security deposit ranging from 2 to 4 weeks based on the weekly rate will be required.


Payments are accepted via the website, direct deposit, by credit cards, Visa or MasterCard only or by Paypal. All payments are only accepted in AUS dollars.

An invoice will be sent to your email for payment. Payments of the amount due must be received in Australian dollars net of any bank or other transaction charges.


Rates quoted are in Australian dollars and are subject to change at any time. GST is not applicable.

Any verbal quote given is an estimate only of price, which will be subject to a written advice on confirmation of the booking.

Minimum length of stay restrictions may apply to certain rates during special event periods.


If a guest cancels or modifies a confirmed booking ninety (90) days or more prior to commencement of the stay, the deposit will be returned less a $100 administration fee.

If the guest cancels or modifies their stay within ninety (90) days prior to the commencement of the stay 50% of the entire booking.

If the cancellation or modification is less than twenty one days (21) days prior to the agreed check in date, 100% of the entire booking tariff will be retained unless the accommodation is able to be re-booked for the total period of the occupancy and is to the same monetary value.

If the accommodation is re-booked for the same monetary value the entire booking tariff will refunded less a $100 administration fee.

If the accommodation is re-booked and is of less monetary value than the original booking the refund will be calculated on the basis of the difference, less a $100 administration fee.

Notification for the cancellation must be in writing and confirmed delivery is the responsibility of the guest.

Cancellation terms & charges includes all circumstances for guest cancellation, and we highly recommend travel insurance for circumstances that may be out of guest control should they need to cancel (see Travel Insurance below)

Every effort will be made to ensure the property is available as booked. If the Property becomes unavailable for your occupancy due to unforeseen circumstances, management will inform you immediately and any monies paid will be refunded in full, or if requested by you, management will endeavour to obtain suitable alternative accommodation.


Full refunds or a credit will be given to guests if The Jetty, Port Willunga can no longer operate due to regulations surrounding Covid-19. Operation of The Jetty, Port Willunga adheres to regulations within South Australia and not regulations within other Australian states or countries.

If you are within another state other than South Australia and borders close between states, we will offer a credit for your booking to use at a later date only at the time of the border closure announcement. If you do not make contact and cancel your booking after the border closure announcement is made, your booking will then adhere to regular cancellation policy stated in 'CANCELLATION TERMS & CHARGES' above.
If you book in at The Jetty for a future date using this credit, all regular and Covid cancellation policies apply to your new dates.

If you are booking to stay after 23 November 2021, please make sure you meet all eligibility to enter the South Australia for your stay. We do not take responsibility for guests booking without understanding all policies for travel eligibility, and do not offer credits or refunds in these circumstances.

We encourage overseas and interstate travellers, and guests booked for events not affiliated with The Jetty, Port Willunga, to not book with the expectation that restrictions will be lifted by the date of stay. We therefore recommend only booking once borders are open. Guests that wish to book will have the cancellation policy stated in 'CANCELLATION TERMS & CHARGES' above apply.

Refunds or credits do not apply to late cancellations due to restrictions on interstate or overseas travel to South Australia or due to a cancellation of an event which is not affiliated with The Jetty, Port Willunga.


We strongly recommend you purchase comprehensive travel insurance at time of booking. We suggest that the policy should include, but not be limited to, the reimbursement of any monies paid in the event the travel is cancelled; loss or damage to personal baggage and loss of money and medical expenses.


Children’s prices for accommodation are included in the standard tariff rates and refer to children using existing bedding.

Due to the nature of the property, we do not accept children under the age of 14, unless The Jetty house (all apartments) is booked.


At no time during your occupancy is the number of guests staying to exceed the number booked, unless prior approval is sought and given.

No visitors are permitted without prior written consent from The Jetty management, for any period of time on the grounds or suites for the safety and privacy of all guests. If this is breached we reserve the right to retain all monies paid including your security deposit. We reserve the right to either issue a reminder warning of the Terms and Conditions or terminate your booking instantly if this is not adhered to. Costs incurred relating to this event including security company call out fees will be charged to you.


If The Jetty, Port Willunga is booked entirely by one group for large bookings of up to 12 people, group get togethers are restricted to the downstairs only. The Blanche and Perkana suites are to be strictly used by guests allocated to stay in those suites, as they cater for couples. Special permission may given by The Jetty, Port Willunga in writing.

In no circumstances are children permitted in these suites.

Furniture is not to be moved between rooms. Moving furniture can cause damage to both the walls and/or the piece of furniture, in which you will be charged for negligence.

During your stay, utensils, crockery and kitchenware may be taken from one apartment to another. Please put all items back in their allocated apartment before your check out. If items are not taken back to their original rooms, a fee will be charged that equates to the extra time taken to do so.


The Jetty, Port Willunga is often used by wedding groups or birthdays for their stay. Guests are required to inform The Jetty, Port Willunga of all people attending the property (bridal party, photographers, make up artists) during the day of the wedding etc. As per our booking conditions, only the confirmed guests may return to the property after the wedding or event.

We strictly do not allow weddings or events at the property. Guests who would like to be married at the property must get authorisation from The Jetty, Port Willunga prior to doing so. Authorisation from The Jetty, Port Willunga will be in writing to confirm.

Events at the property before or after the day of the wedding or event are strictly prohibited unless prior consent has been given by The Jetty, Port Willunga in writing. Only a maximum of 12 guests, who are staying at the property are permitted. An event fee will be requested to hold such an event, and the maximum number of guests permitted at the property will be given in writing by The Jetty, Port Willunga.


Your accommodation is available as per the time stated on your welcome letter, which you will receive prior to your stay. An additional fee of $50/hour for every hour of overstay may be charged if you do not check out by the stated time.

Early arrivals and late check outs are at the discretion of The Jetty, Port Willunga and must be requested prior to your arrival. Late check out or early check in will only be approved in writing. Whilst every effort will be made to accommodate early arrivals and late departures, the only way to ensure early check-in or late check-out is to book an extra night.

At the discretion of The Jetty, Port Willunga, over peak season certain days may not be available for check in and/or check out. This will be discussed with you at the time of booking. After your booking has been confirmed, this will not affect your booking.

To extend your booking, please contact The Jetty, Port Willunga for availability. To decrease the number of nights of your booking, the same terms and conditions apply as for cancellations.


Extra cleaning and linen change can be arranged for an additional charge, at a cost to you, and must be arranged with management prior to your stay.

The property should be left in a similar state to its condition on arrival. Used crockery, cutlery etc. must be washed and put away. The dishwasher should be emptied prior to your departure. Excess rubbish should be bagged and placed in the large bins outside. The property should be clean and respectable, please wipe down any surfaces if made dirty. Extra cleaning charges will apply if this condition is breached and will be taken out of your security deposit.

The BBQ should be left clean. If the BBQ is left dirty a $50 cleaning fee will be deducted from the bond. Please leave refrigerator, freezer as found, empty and clean.

The cost of a standard clean, which varies from property to property, is included in the tariff charged.


All properties are fully self-contained which includes linen (sheets, pillow cases, towels & tea towels).

A replacement cost will be taken from the security deposit for any linen that is permanently stained by, but not limited to, makeup, hair dye, bleach, fake tan, permanent ink.


Smoking inside any of The Jetty, Port Willunga accommodation is strictly prohibited. If there is any evidence of smoking inside, your booking may be terminated and you will be charged for a specialised clean to eliminate odours.

Where permitted, please ensure doors and windows are closed when smoking on balconies.

Smoking is strictly prohibited on any of the outside furniture.

If smoking on the outside of the property, please dispose your cigarettes in the outside bins to avoid cigarette odour in the premise.


The disposal of rubbish, general waste or recycling should be put in the appropriate outdoor bins prior to check out. Recycling should go in the bin labelled ‘recycling’ and rubbish in the bin labelled ‘waste’. If you are staying in the accommodation on collection day, every Monday morning, please dispose of all rubbish on Sunday evening and put bins out the back entry, on the kerbside William St. Please take bins back on Monday evening.


No pets are permitted under any circumstances during your stay at The Jetty, Port Willunga. There are no exceptions to this policy, no matter the type or nature of the pet.

If unapproved pets are found on the property, the booking will be terminated and guests will be asked to vacate with no refund made.


You acknowledge that we do not cover your personal belongings under our insurance policy and therefore take no responsibility for any loss or damage of the occupants personal property left on the property and agree that you will not make any claim against us for any damages or loss to your personal belongings regardless of how or where the loss or damage occurred.


Parties are strictly prohibited due to the nature of the accommodation and disturbing other guests in the premise. Use contrary to this may result in loss of your bond and/or termination of your stay.

We reserve the right to either issue a reminder warning of the Terms and Conditions or terminate your booking. Costs incurred relating to this event including security company call out fees will be charged to you or deducted from your security bond. If your booking is terminated we reserve the right to retain all monies paid including your security deposit.

You are not to disturb other guests who are staying on the premises. If complaints of noise, harassment or invasion of privacy are made by other guests, The Jetty, Port Willunga management has the right to terminate your booking and retain all monies paid including your security deposit.


The accommodation must be returned to us in the condition presented on arrival.

Damages or breakages of furniture or furnishings must be reported to The Jetty, Port Willunga management immediately.

Breakages or damages to the property and all communal or external areas that are caused by any guests will be charged and recouped in full from the security deposit or as an additional charge requested by The Jetty, Port Willunga management if damage is more than the security deposit.

Replacement of items removed from the accommodation will be charged and recouped in full from the security deposit or as an additional charge requested by The Jetty, Port Willunga management if damage is more than the security deposit.

Furniture, fixtures and fittings are not to be altered or moved between rooms or properties, and a charge may incur if furniture is not used for its correct purpose.

The Jetty, Port Willunga must be informed of any problem or complaint as soon as possible as to rectify the situation as quickly and as efficiently as possible.


Access to the property may be required for maintenance or repairs. Owners and maintenance personal are permitted on the property during your stay when deemed appropriate.

You must allow access to the property for service consultants to undertake repairs during reasonable hours. We will notify you and confirm the day, date and time of the appointment. We will arrange access if you are not available at the designated time.


The properties are not to be used for commercial use.


You acknowledge that we do not accept liability for any injury, damage, loss, additional expenses and disruptions caused directly or indirectly by events, which are beyond our control and agree not to make any claim in relation thereto.


You agree that regardless of your length of stay in there is no tenancy or other rights created under any Landlord and Tenant laws and there are no such laws that apply to your stay.


You agree that, should you or your guests breach any of the terms and conditions:

  1. You will pay to us the total loss or damage that we suffer as a result of that breach and hereby authorise us to debit your credit card as payment of that loss or damage
  2. We may evict you and your guests without notice if terms and conditions have been breached

Payment of deposit or full payment constitutes acceptance, without limitation or qualification, all of the Terms and Conditions of Use of The Jetty, Port Willunga. Vouchers are subject to the same terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions of booking are subject to change without notice.

$ per night